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IYANAGA Yuriko solo exhibition “IMG://shape/weightless/”


IYANAGA Yuriko solo exhibition



March 6th (Sat) to 14th (Sun), 2021
12: 00-18: 00 (Closed on Mondays)

*Direct translation by Google Translate:

“This is the third time in four years at KUNST ARZT.
We will hold a solo exhibition of Yuriko Iyanaga.
Yuriko Iyanaga is an artist who develops her own painting world by composing a monitor that shows the drawing process on a personal computer and an object that plays the role of “frame”.
She escaped from surrounding the TV monitor with the “forehead” drawn on the veneer board that had been formalized at the time of her last solo exhibition, and now the LED monitor is presented with the base exposed, and it is an object that plays the role of “frame”. It is a collage composition.
She uses old painting software to draw solid low-resolution analog elements, the “time” that is impossible in paintings, and the “frame” that dares to create cheapness.
Please pay attention to the expression that continues to deviate from “painting” by facing the expression of “painting” seriously.”
(KUNST ARZT Gallery owner, OKAMOTO Mitsuhiro)

(Quote source:http://www.kunstarzt.com/Artist/IYANAGA/IYANAGAyuriko.htm)