IYANAGA Yuriko solo exhibition

“images / or paintings”


October 24th (Tuesday) to 29th (Sunday), 2017
12:00 to 18:00

*Direct translation by Google Translate:
“KUNST ARZT will hold the second solo exhibition of Yuriko Iyanaga.
Yuriko Iyanaga is an artist who gives a new perspective to the relationship between painting and video by “painting” the drawing process on her painting software.
A motif was selected with a unique sensibility from the enormous image overflowing on the Internet, drawn on the computer system where the process is recorded, and the “picture frame” that matches the image was also selected from the net and drawn on a veneer etc. The frame fits into the TV monitor.
Through a digital system, she creates her own paintings / videos by incorporating the physical analog elements of solid drawing and the “time” that is impossible in paintings.”

(KUNST ARZT Gallery owner, OKAMOTO Mitsuhiro)

(Quote source:http://www.kunstarzt.com/Artist/IYANAGA/IYANAGAyuriko.htm)